Plurielle is a clothing brand that sells good quality basics that are sustainable. Their main selling point is that they are: more. More classy, more affordable, more inclusive (they cater to more types of people and body types).


The objective of this project was to do a brand analysis of an existing company and invent and brand my own company based on their weak points in the market. I did my brand analysis on Aritzia (an everyday luxury clothing brand). I decided to compete by deploying the same style of cothing (elegant and sophisticated), while carrying a wider range of sizes, being sustainable, and more affordable.


I wanted to represent the luxurious and elegant yet calm feeling of the brand through the logo. I also wanted to visually represent the idea of: more.


I chose this brand name as it is a play on the words "pluriel" (which means "more than one" in French) + "elle" (which means "she" in French, indictaing that it is a woman's fashion brand). I used the two "L"s from the logotype to create a monogram in the shape of a plus sign to represent the idea of "more than one". I used a serif font and letter kerning to represent the softness and elegance of the brand.

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