Vernissage is an event where the designers of Vanier College's Micromedia program (the graduating students) showcase the work that they have done over the course of the program.


Create branding and a poster design for the event.


To adapt the poster design to different mediums of communication. Another challenge was trying to adapt the design to this year’s yearbook theme.


I chose the tagline “Now You See Me” to exemplify the idea of who the designers have become throughout the program and getting insight into what their personal design style looks like. I used a pair of eyes to show this idea. To demonstrate the idea of every designer’s personality shining through and seeing each designer individually, each lanyard has a graphic of the pair of eyes of the designer themselves as well as a QR code that leads to their portfolio for event attendees to get a full scope of their work. I created the visual interface and assets for the website (or the “Virtual Vernissage”), where site visitors can see the designers’ portfolios. To tailor the design to the graduating class’ yearbook theme, I went with a dark grunge background and I applied a half-tone effect to the title and images, as the background and photography style of the yearbook matched both of those aspects. I also stuck to a similar colour palette (pink, yellow, purple).

Check out the site (by Patrick Lacson)