Tropical Breeze is a fruit juice brand for children that sells tropical flavours.


To design 3 juice box packaging labels. The flavour of the juice, the phrase “100% organic” and the liquid volume of 250ml had to be featured on each label.


The goal behind my design was to represent the playfulness and child-like quality that is often lost, overlooked, and undervalued in corporate design. Considering that the target audience of this product is children, I wanted to tailor it to what they would find attractive and therefore had to put myself in the shoes of a child. I wanted to challenge myself by attempting to get the fun, tropical theme across while simultaneously simplifying the style of graphics being used to make it digestible for a younger audience.


I chose a thick font face to make the brand name immediately eye-catching and easily legible for kids. In order to fit the tropical theme, I used a plain beige background and created a wavy blue pattern to portray sand and water. Then, I added tropical graphic elements over top. I went with a hand-drawn style for the graphics as they are playful (almost as if a child drew on the box themself). I created visual continuity between each juice box by allowing every graphic element to stay the same and have only the colours of the logotype and the hand-drawn graphics change according to the flavour of the juice.