Sweet & Sour is a makeup and skincare brand that caters to two separate aesthetics: soft & gentle for the skincare side ("Sweet"), and bold & vibrant for the makeup side ("Sour")


Create a personal project: a project that reflects who I am as a designer. I chose to invent a makeup and skincare company, brand it, and create packaging for it.


The hardest part of this project was choosing a brand name. I wanted to think of something that held a strong significance. I also wanted to think of a name that was clever and catchy.


I came up with keywords to represent the feeling behind the brand. I realized that a lot of the words I chose opposed each other. I separated the keywords and sketched a few different brand names and type variations for each set. I settled on “Sweet & Sour” because it encapsulates the duality of a brand that carries both, skincare with a soft and gentle aesthetic, and makeup with a bold and vibrant aesthetic. I researched playful typography to inspire the brand logo. I selected two sets of photography styles: one being elegant and innocent, and the other being outgoing and confident. I chose a colour palette with 3 “sweet” colours and 3 “sour” colours, as well as off-white. The brand taglines can vary, but they demonstrate consistency by containing two words that start with the same letter (one word that describes the “sweet” side of the brand and the other that describes the “sour” side). I created packaging for several skincare and makeup products with catchy product names, all staying true to and cohesive with the brand look.

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