CONCEPTUAL chels-designs

The Workplace Injustice PSA Campaign aims to bring light to racial discrimination in Canada within the workplace and promote change.


To design a conceptual poster that will raise public awareness about a social issue and adapt the design to different mediums.


I wanted to create a design that would awaken a sense of urgency or at the very minimum, some sort of introspection, within the viewer. I needed the message to be as clear as possible, but also as impactful as possible.


I used a thick sans serif font for the main tagline as it should be as easy to read as possible on all communication platforms. I chose the concept of nametags to coincide well with the stat found in the red section of the design. I replicated the same clothing image twice and made every set of nametag names start with the same letter to further represent the idea of the racial inequalities overtaking the workplace despite employees having incredibly similar backgrounds. I added a red filter over the image that contains the stat to not only create visual contrast but to represent Canada, the country in which the issue is taking place. I added the paper rips to visually separate each section to make the sequence of the ad easy to follow. The rips also represent the tears in the system and the call to repair it. They represent the harmful division caused between races due to poor choices like this.