The Prix collégial du cinéma québécois event inspires young students across Quebec to partake in the screening of 5 québécois feature films.


To create a promotional poster for the event that will be held at Vanier College (one in French and one in English).


The goal was to properly represent the feeling that encompassed the feature films through the poster at first glance. I started by pairing two fonts (a serif one that varies in thickness and a thick sans serif one) to match the fonts of the titles of the movies being featured. The majority of the movie posters also had a vintage feel to them which is why I decided to add vintage photography, a graphic of an old film strip as well as a grain effect. I did research on vintage colour palettes and chose orange and turquoise as the main colours as they are complementary. They are also colours that are found primarily in the movie posters of the featured films. Even though there is red found in some of the posters, I avoided using it because it was too aggressive of a colour to put on a poster for this type of event and it was too bright to be used in a vintage-style poster where the colour palettes tend to be more muted and subdued.


To solve the issue of deciding what text would be pertinent information to put on the poster, I did research on what information was used in past years when hosting the event at Vanier College through Vanier’s website. The poster effectively displays all the pertinent information needed for a potential eventgoer to join the event and is also enticing enough to get college students to want to partake in an event that further exposes them to québécois cinema and culture