Josie Fragapane is a Montreal-based makeup artist in the beauty and cosmetics industry.


Design and code a website, establish branding, create a logo, and film and edit video content for Josie Fragapane, a Montreal-based makeup artist in the beauty and cosmetics industry.


Tailoring the design to my client’s main needs as well as setting up her domain name and server (which is something that I had never done prior to this project).


I designed her brand according to her tagline/mission statement: “Enhancing the Everyday You”. She values amplifying natural facial features through the use of makeup and I wanted to convey that through her branding, so I used makeup brush strokes as a consistent graphic element to represent the authenticity and playfulness that accompanies her work. I conducted a focus group for the logo and user testing for the site with people that would be a part of Josie’s target demographic, in order to get an idea of what they liked and didn’t like about the site and logo. The primary reason for which she needed a website was to have a professional online portfolio to send to hiring agencies. I solved this issue by implementing a button at the top of the landing page leading straight to her portfolio to make it easy for site visitors to find her work. I also successfully set up her domain name and server despite having no prior knowledge of how to do so.

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