Flick Flic is a magazine that does a deep dive of the movie world. It covers a variety of film related topics. From directors, to genre, to soundtracks, to actors, it has it all. You might be thinking, "What do I need that for? I've got Rotten Tomatoes". Our twist: we offer a genuine exploration of films and film theory, but it's written by the common person. Sooooo much more relatable.


The objective of this project was to work with a group of people to create a concept for a magazine and individually design a 2-page spread for the magazine based on a common style (in order for the pages to work cohesively).


Considering that we offer authentic and unfiltered film reviews, the goal was to make it look graphically satirical. I wanted find a way to convey that originality. And because we decided that our target audience would be young adults between the ages of 18-25, I wanted to design something youthful. I also wanted to showcase the feeling of chaos and loudness in order to get them hooked once they turn to that section of the magazine.


We chose this magazine name as it is a play on the words. "Flick" (being another word for movie in English) + "Flic" (which means "police" in French). I added large brush strokes, bright colours, a grungy background and a ripped paper texture to demonstrate originality and chaos throughout the page. I used a really bold font to grasp the attention of readers. And the camel case letters for the subheading was meant to contribute to the playful, tongue-in-cheek quality of the magazine.