Fashion Magazines is in the style of a personal online journal that describes my love and connection to fashion magazines and briefly educates people on different well-known magazines.


Design and code a site that showcases something that I am passionate about.


Given that the objective of the project was broad and relatively open, the hardest part was finding enough content to write about and coming up with an interesting way to present my information on the page to keep users engaged.


I decided to make the written content on this website more personalized, as it is a site representing my interests (almost as if it were my personal online journal). I represented this through the design as it has a lot of hand-drawn, handwritten, and cut-out elements. To make the site engaging from the second the user enters, I created a motion graphics video that portrays the messy, cut-out aesthetic. I had also hand-drawn parts of the text throughout the pages using physical paper and marker, scanned the text, and then vectorized it, in order to get the most authentic feel. I added videos and gifs next to the written content in order to bring more life to the page. The goal was to use more dynamic elements than static ones in order to keep the user as engaged as possible.

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