Attune is a music magazine that covers the genres of punk rock, alternative, and indie.


To come up with an idea for a magazine and design a sample cover including a publication name, the masthead, cover image, and coverlines.


I wanted to create a memorable name for the magazine and portray the feeling of the name through the masthead, the imagery and the accompanying graphic elements.


I created a brand name that is two-fold. It means to “make harmonious” which is fitting for a music-themed magazine. It also means to “make receptive or aware” which I thought was perfect for a magazine that does a deep dive of artists and their personal sound, composition, production, and lyrics. By doing this, the brand makes its audience more aware of the ins and outs of this side of the music industry. As they read the magazine, they become more attuned. I represented the hard-hitting music genres through the rough textures on the page such as the glitch effect in the masthead, the crumpled paper effect, and the grain effect. The blur effect applied to half of the masthead and images represents the fast-paced movement as well as the chaotic and wild side of the music industry and how the content on the inside of the magazine is just as fast-paced, wild, and chaotic. The bold colours (mainly red) on this page represent the boldness found in the topics of this issue, as well as the wildness of the imagery such as the image of the celebrity (her pose and demeanor).

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